SRC seeks Directors – especially downtown

The Saint Scene

The Student Representative Council (SRC) will launch its annual, autumn search for a few additional Directors on August 28 – and it is especially hopeful that it will obtain a worthy candidate or two from the downtown campuses (Centre for the Arts and/or MediaPlex).

The 2017-18 SRC Board of Directors assumed office on May 1, after the spring-time election of Executive members and the appointment of a few Directors.

Currently, it is made up of President Nick Goran, Vice-President of Student Life Colin Topliffe, and Directors Jason Lachance and Holly Nicholson.

The SRC lost both its Vice-President of Student Affairs and Vice-President of Downtown Affairs during the summer due to resignations. Those vacancies were slated to be filled in late-August/early-September by means of an application/interview/hiring process conducted by the Board.

Traditionally, the SRC operates with a Board of approximately 10 to 12 members – so, at the moment, it is at approximately “half-strength”. (In fact, according to its bylaws, the council can have as many as 10 Directors, in addition to its four Executive.)

And, traditionally, it bolsters its ranks by seeking Directorship applicants during the first few weeks of school in the fall. That allows:

• Spring-time applicants who had been turned down (for one reason or another) to re-apply;

• Students who had thought about applying in the spring – but who didn’t, maybe because they were too stressed with schoolwork at the time – to give SRC membership a shot now; and

•  Brand-new, first-year students to apply – and they are, in fact, very welcome to do so.

Specifically, the SRC encourages Directorship applications from downtown students. Too often, the council – indeed, the college’s administration – hears complaints that “not enough is done for downtown students, in terms of services and events” …

… And the council believes the best way to counter those complaints – and actually improve the situation – is to directly involve downtown students in the planning, delivery and staging of services and events, by having a Director or two (or three) from the Centre from the Arts and/or MediaPlex.

Applications for the Directorships – available to all full-time, fee-paying, “in good academic standing” students at all Windsor campuses – will be available from the SRC offices on Monday, August 28. (Offices are located at the South Windsor campus, in the Student Centre, across from the Tim Hortons kiosk; and downtown in the TD Student Success Centre at the corner of University and Victoria.)

The deadline for submitting the applications is Wednesday, September 20.

Subsequently, applicants will be interviewed by the SRC Executive, and successful ones will assume their Directorships by late-September/early-October.

Usually, also, once the SRC has a full slate of Directors, it assigns specific, duty-laden “portfolios” to them: Director of Residence Liaison, Director of International Student Liaison, Director of Event Marketing, etc..

SRC Directorships are “paid” in the form of honorariums at the end of each semester. Based upon individual performance evaluations, a Director can receive a stipend equivalent to his/her per semester tuition (plus associated fees).


An even more “grass-roots” position will be available during the early stages of the academic year, too: the SRC Class Rep.

This network is overseen by the SRC’s Vice-President of Student Affairs and Downtown Vice-President.

At the start of every year, the SRC has students chosen from each year and/or section of each program – by either volunteering or casual election – to act as Class Reps.

Every month, they assemble in one spot – usually for a pizza supper – and the SRC outlines coming events and other important information to them.

A day or two afterwards, faculty members allow the Reps to stand up in class, and they pass along all of that information to their fellow students.

And it’s a two-way communication channel … because during the meetings, the Class Reps are also encouraged to provide the SRC with their classmates’ ideas, complaints and concerns.