The Saints' Season So Far

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The Saints e-gaming season to-date ...

October 3: Rainbow Six Siege: Tough games against Rutgers University, we take our first loss against two previous wins.

October 4: Echo Arena VR: Now currently 3-0 in the CVRE League, our team defeats the University of California, Berkeley. Huge for us as we look to claim the championship this season!

October 4: Our Varsity Rocket League coming in hot with a 3-0 win over Texas Wesleyan University.

October 5: We lose to the University of Akron 0-2 in Rainbow Six Siege.

October 7: Victory for our Overwatch team against Union County College.

October 7: Tough games leading to a loss by our Overwatch team against the University of British Columbia.

October 8: Rocket League: St. Clair College beats Boise State 3-2 in overtime.

October 9: Hearthstone: We defeat Murray State University 3-2 in Tespa League.

October 10: We lose to Kennesaw Esports 0-2 in Rainbow Six Siege. We’re going to train hard to bounce back!

October 11: Echo Arena VR: We defeat Baylor University on the path to two-time champions. Match score 27-5.

October 11: Rocket League team lost against Florida Southern College 1-3 in NACEsports.

October 12: We take a loss in the first CLOL Preseason Match hosted by Collegiate Starleague, to the University of Toronto Mississauga.

October 13: Overwatch team faced off in the first CStarleague Tournament.

Great wins, but we fall in the quarter-finals.

October 15: Our Rocket League team swept Boise State University.

October 16: Hearthstone: Flawless wins against Butler University in Tespa season match!

October 17: Our Rainbow Six Siege team dominates 2-0 against Thomas College CEA_Siege League.

October 17: Our Rocket League team defeats Northwood University.

October 22: Our Rocket League team defeats Dickinson State University.

October 24: Our Rainbow Six Siege team defeats Central Maine Community College, only dropping two rounds.

October 25: A lot of respect for the University of Missouri as we lose in the last round of the NACEsports Rocket League Championship.

October 26: Rainbow Siege Six: In less than an hour, we defeat the University of Colorado-Colorado Spring 2-0.

October 27: League of Legends: We take a loss in CStarleague against our friends from McMaster University.

October 29: Our Overwatch team prevails in week five of the Tespa Collegiate Series, beating Boston University and the University of Pittsburgh.

October 30: Rainbow Siege Six: A huge win against Michigan State University – losing the first match, but winning the next two.

November 1: Rocket League: We had a rough start to the matches, but bounced back, losing to Sault College, then beating the University of Denver.

November 3: Counter Strike Global Offensive: We take a tough loss against the University of Toronto in CStarleague. Very close games, but no excuses, we're going to polish our game!

November 5: Rocket League: A huge win in Round 3 of playoffs of NACEsports, over Boise State University.

November 8: Rocket League: We end our reign in the NACEsports Championship 2019, losing the A Bracket finals to the University of Missouri.

November 9: Rainbow Siege Six: We take our first loss in CollegiateR6 Phase 2-Week 2 against the University of Utah. Close games as ever, can't get too comfy in Main Division.

November 9: Counter Strike Global Offensive: Great wins over the University of Guelph.

November 15: Rainbow Siege Six: The first step to winning ... show up. Forfeit win against Amarillo College.

November 18: The St. Clair Saints Rocket League squad was able to secure an Elite 8 finish in the National Varsity Championships. This further cements St. Clair College as one of the best varsity esports programs in North America, building upon the National Championship that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team brought home last spring. The Saints finished with a regular season record of 7-3, and entered the playoffs as the fifth overall seed. Wins over Davenport University in the Round of 32 and over Boise State University in the Sweet 16 allowed the Saints to move to the Elite 8 where they faced the first seed in the University of Missouri. The Saints would advance no further with a loss to Mizzou, which eventually went on to win the Championship. Mizzou finished with a perfect record through the regular season and playoffs.

November 21: Echo Arena VR Team in the CVRE League: Undefeated, with a 98-36 total agains the University of Miami (Ohio), Texas Tech, California, Bayor and Clemson.

November 23: Rainbow Siege 6: Defeated the New York Institute of Technology 2-0.

November 29: Third successful defence of the Border City Battle Trophy by beating Lambton College.

December 6: We're leading the Collegiate Starleague in Fortnite's final standings, over nine other schools from throughout North America.