Board Hears Of Athletic Feats


Winning seven out of every ten games played is a virtually unheard-of pace among even the most dominant professional sports teams, but that represents the level of performance of St. Clair varsity athletes during the 2022-23 academic year.

In the annual recap of varsity activities presented to the college’s Board of Governors during its March 28th meeting, the administration noted that St. Clair’s 16 intercollegiate teams had a cumulative record of 110 wins, 42 losses and two ties. That’s a winning percentage of 71 percent.

The report also noted:

• The college’s 188 varsity athletes had a collective Grade Point Average of 2.90.

• 85 percent of varsity athletes successfully completed each course they were enrolled in and maintained a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0, achieving the requirement to receive a $1,500 athletic scholarship per sport semester. Ten percent of our athletes are currently enrolled in degree-level programs.

• At the time of this report, the Saints of 2022-23 have won five provincial championships: men’s baseball, ladies’ softball, (Canadian Junior League/Ontario Conference) football, men’s cross-country running, and men’s basketball.

• Additionally, the softball team won the Canadian national softball championship, and recorded the first perfect season in ladies’ competition with a 32-0 season.

• In 2022-2023, Saints teams were ranked provincially 59 times (weekly rankings) and nationally 19 times, for a total of 78 recognized rankings.

• The various departments/programs comprising Saints Athletics brought in revenue totalling $1,446,954 (sponsorships, tournaments, fees, admissions, etc.).


• The 2023-24 budget features another big surplus:

• The college continues to contribute to the economic well-being of southwestern Ontario:

• The “jumper effect” in international enrolment numbers:

• The college will continue to pursue its Strategic Directions in the coming year: