College Well Positioned For Provincial Funding Change


Although it has not yet been put into effect, St. Clair appears well positioned to meet the terms of a new funding formula proposed for implementation by the provincial Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

The ministry has postponed the launch of its “performance-based funding” system for several years, including during the pandemic which disrupted the overall operation of many institutions.

With a few tweaks to the formula still in the works, it is now anticipated that the ministry will apply the new funding system in 2023-24.

Performance-based funding is tied to the Strategic Mandate Agreements (SMA) which each of Ontario’s two dozen colleges provides to the ministry, outlining individual financial, operational and academic (enrolment, graduation-rate, graduate-employment rates, etc.) goals.

If a school fails to achieve one of its proposed targets in the nine categories which make up the formula, its provincial funding will be reduced accordingly. If, conversely, it far exceeds its SMA-declared targets, the school may be rewarded with boosted provincial funding.

Several of the categories will be evaluated using student and graduate satisfaction surveying under the long-standing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system.

Currently (and historically), provincial funding has been based solely on enrolment: a college receives a couple thousand dollars per (domestic) student, regardless of how the school is performing operationally, fiscally or academically.

In a report provided by Vice-President of Finance Marc Jones to the college’s Board of Governors during its June 28th meeting, the administration noted that if performance-based funding had been in effect this past year (2021-22), St. Clair would have exceeded almost all of its SMA-declared targets. The one target number that it failed to achieve would have resulted in the loss of $358 in provincial funding. See accompanying graph at the top of this story:

The Jones report also provided the Board with the administration’s SMA-related targets for the coming academic/fiscal year (2022-23). See accompanying graph:



Even when performance-based funding is fully implemented by the ministry, it will not be the sole determinant of provincial grant allocations. Basic enrolment will still be the major factor associated with college funding. It is expected that performance-based (or “outcome-based”) funding will be tied to about 25 percent (maximum) of total provincial financing.



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