New Additions To The "Go There From Here" List

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Every year or two, there is an expanding list: St. Clair graduates have “somewhere new to go” to pursue their postsecondary educations, thanks to the college’s ongoing effort to build relationships with other institutions. 

The development of these articulation – or pathway or credit-transfer – agreements was the subject of a report tabled before St. Clair’s Board of Governors during its November 23rd meeting. 

This year’s update informed the Board of these new articulation agreements: 

• Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology: A pathway was established with the University of Windsor to support graduates of the (college’s) Sport and Recreation Management program. A student may enter the Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Sport Management and Leadership major) program at the University of Windsor after completing the three-year advanced diploma in Sport and Recreation Management with a cumulative average equivalent to 70 percent or better. Students must have successfully completed each of their required college courses with a grade equivalent to B or better, and must successfully complete 20 courses at the university in order to earn their degree. 

• School of Health Sciences: St. Clair signed an agreement with St. Matthew’s University, located in the Cayman Islands. The School of Veterinary Medicine at St. Matthew’s will accept all qualified graduates of the (college’s) Veterinary Technician program into its Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree program, provided that students obtain an overall GPA of 2.7 or higher, have no un-remediated “F” or “D” grades in any core courses, and receive a recommendation for admission by a St. Matthew’s University Admissions interviewer. 

• School of Media, Art and Design: Graduates of the (college’s) three-year Music Theatre Performance program with a cumulative GPA of a B (3.0 or 75 percent), are eligible for admission into the Honours Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art program through this degree completion pathway with the University of Windsor. This pathway is commonly referred to as a “3 + 2” arrangement, where students complete three years at St. Clair College, followed by an additional two years at University of Windsor. 

• School of Nursing: St. Clair and the University of Windsor published a joint pathway for Practical Nursing graduates to earn their Bachelor of Science-Nursing degree. The pathway provides an opportunity for Registered Practical Nurses to complete their BScN degree in three years rather than the traditional four. Successful applicants will receive advanced standing for 12 courses in the undergraduate BScN program, allowing them to enter the program in Year Two. 

• In the works are: 

- The Child and Youth Care – Accelerated program in Chatham is pursuing a number of different avenues with various institutions; and 

– Police Foundations is working closely with their counterparts at the University of Windsor to produce an articulation agreement that will allow eligible St. Clair graduates into their Bachelor of Forensic Science program with advanced standing credits. 

The report to the Board also noted that the college believes that the existence of these articulation agreements should be very attractive to prospective students, so it is stepping up its promotions of them with these measures: 

1. A billboard campaign will begin in December 2021. 

2. A virtual information night will be held in December, highlighting pathway opportunities. 

3. The Marketing and Recruitment team ensures that Academic Pathways messaging is included in all high school presentations. 

4. Virtual information nights that were held for each academic school included a discussion about Pathways. 

5. Social media posts that highlight student pathways by program. 

6. Digital advertising campaign that focuses on pathways. 

7. A page on Pathways is included in the annual St. Clair College admissions handbook. 

8. Webpage entitled Credit Transfers and Pathway Agreements, which includes all the pathways available at St. Clair College:… 

That webpage features details about all of the articulation agreements that currently exist between St. Clair and dozens of partnered schools in Canada, the United States and around the world (Australia and Ireland, for instance). 

It should also be noted that the college stages an annual “transfer fair” with its pathway partners, to provide students with first-hand information about the opportunities to pursue their educations in these new settings.


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