Pair Of Candidates Seek SRC Vice-Presidency

vp candidates

Pictured, left and right, running for the 2023-24 Student Representative Council (SRC) Vice-Presidency of Student Affairs (South/Main Campus) are Sultan Khan and Rishi Vatish.


“Every person can make a difference, and every person should try.” This quote has always inspired to me to make an effort to make this world a better place, and to help as many people as I can.

Hello, Saints! I am Sultan Khan, currently a student of Computer System Technician – Networking here at St. Clair College. I am 19 years old, and I was born in Punjab province of India. I moved to Canada as an international student in May, 2022 to pursue my higher studies shortly after completing my high school education. I am currently running for the position of Vice-President of Student Affairs of the Student Representative Council (SRC) for the 2023-24 academic year.

I consider this as an opportunity to succinctly introduce myself. To begin with, I am a man of my morals, and I always try to focus on the growth of others as well as mine. I am an ambivert who can be extremely extrovert and introvert during times.

I have been extremely motivated by the saying by Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

With the inspiration from this quotation and my willingness to make a difference, I started my journey as a Class Representative, which gave me an outlook of what the SRC is, how the SRC helps students on-campus in various things, and what sort of events are organized by the SRC. Apart from being a Class Representative, I am the team lead of the Sexual Violence Prevention Volunteer Program which strives to make students aware of sexual violence and consent.

When it comes to my skills, I have an exceptionally good command of communication skills, leadership skills, and various other skills. Because of my skills, I am working with Student VIP as its Brand Ambassador, and I also give the workshops for an initiative called Bringing in the Bystander run by the college’s Student Services. I am an active part of ENACTUS, which provides me with experience to assist people in as many ways as I can, along with my personal growth. Some of my friends think that I am just too busy, and it’s unbelievable how I can manage all these things so well. I tell them that helping people makes me happy, which gives me the strength to maintain everything smoothly.

The answer to the question that will come to everyone’s mind – Why should they vote for me to be the Vice-President? – is simple. I believe that the experience I have accumulated over the past year has aided both my personal growth and my development as a leader. By using the leadership skills that I have acquired, I will be a voice for the students, meet their expectations, and will be a shoulder to lean on. I pledge to be actively available to the students as a Vice-President. My main objective with the remaining time I have at St. Clair is to give back to the college by leaving a positive footprint for my fellow students. As a Vice-President, I will be a person whom students can look up to as their role model. I want to make mental health resources more easily accessible by the students, as I know how pressure can build up during the school year. If I am elected as the Vice-President, I will abide by all the rights and responsibilities of the office, and will be a voice for the students always.

As I always say, “You matter.”  So, make a choice for the better change.

Choose SULTAN KHAN as the Vice-President of Student Affairs 2023-24.

Voting starts on February 20th.

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My name is Rishi Vatish. I am from Patiala, Punjab, India. I am 20 years old.

I am currently enrolled in Computer System Technician–Networking program. I wanted to improve my IT skills, so I choose this program at St. Clair.

I have worked at Eclerx as an analyst for 15 months during which I managed a team of 15 junior analysts. My duties were to manage their weekly shift schedule, and make sure they were completing their weekly tasks. I was also a customer representative for Xfinity.

I have represented my state in cricket for three years, also I was captain of the team for the last six months.

I always wanted to become a leader and to help people. I also have volunteered for some charity programs, like raising funds for poor children and helping people during the time of COVID. In my school, I was awarded as the “best volunteer” in the green school program, as we planted 69 trees in one day. One of my favourite volunteer projects was a fundraising event to make shelter for homeless people and distribute quilts among them.

I took part in a school project in the national science fair where we created a generator which produced electricity using wheat straw.

I was elected head boy of the school in 12th grade, and I planned mental awareness and cancer awareness programs in the municipal hall of the town with the help of the school board.

There were many students in my school who were passionate about their singing and calligraphy, so I requested the school board to arrange competitions and give them proper instructors which helped them to boost their passion for life. I also organized some fun events for students after their exams, so they could relax and enjoy their life.

I follow the quote: “The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.” This quote by Gordon B. Hinckley inspires me to help others. Helping others gives me peace and happiness.

I like to explore and learn new things in life. I like playing adventurous sports like bungee jumping and paragliding.

Through all these experiences, I have learned something that very few have accomplished: how to interchangeably be a leader as well as a follower.

In the future, I want to run my own tech company and be a political leader. By accomplishing these goals, I will fulfill my dreams, and I can help people through my profession.


The election will be conducted, on-line, from Monday, February 20 to Friday, February 24, with results announced during the mid-afternoon of that last day. Students will be notified when electronic voting is underway.

Still available now from both SRC offices – and until Friday, March 3 – are applications for the appointed SRC Directorships.