SCC May Get Into BC, Thanks To AAA


In a round-about way, St. Clair may soon have a “satellite campus” in British Columbia. 

In a report to the college’s Board of Governors during its November 23rd meeting, the college’s administration announced that St. Clair’s Toronto-based “sister school” had recently purchased a property in Richmond British Columbia. 

The Ace Acumen Academy is a private-sector school, that provides secondary school education and English-language training to immigrants (chiefly from Asia). 

In the early 2010s, it began searching for a public college that it could partner with, in order to provide its students with some follow-up – and on-site – postsecondary education opportunities. After months of negotiation, in early 2014, it launched such a partnership with St. Clair. 

Initially, with abundant academic oversight and licensing its curriculum to the private school, St. Clair offered two Ontario college diploma programs at Acumen’s Toronto Campus: Business and Computer Systems Technician-Networking. The on-site offerings proved so popular among Acumen’s students that the program options expanded to include Data Analytics for Business, Office Administration–Health, International Business Management, International Business Management–Logistics, Human Resources Management, and Social Service Worker–Gerontology. 

Having added a second campus last year, over 3,000 students are now enrolled in the St. Clair offerings at Ace Acumen in Toronto and Mississauga – up 12 percent from the fall of last year. In 2021-22, Acumen’s students will contribute $56.6 million in tuition to St. Clair. 

Recently, the report to the Board noted, Ace Acumen “acquired a private career college in Richmond, British Columbia. This will allow Ace Acumen the opportunity to acquire the mandated Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) license to establish programming. Further development work, including site location and curriculum approval, is underway. Approval will also be required from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities” ... 

... Meaning that the same sort of delivery of St. Clair programming currently being delivered at Acumen’s Toronto and Mississauga campuses may eventually be provided in B.C. – and providing a new revenue source to St. Clair.


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