SRC's Downtown Vice-Presidency Is Acclaimed

downtown vp


No other candidates came forward to seek this position, so the 2023-24 Vice-Presidency of Downtown Affairs of the Student Representative Council (SRC) has been acclaimed. Holding the position will be current SRC Director Nour Takach.

Hi. My name is Nour Takach.

I sought to become the VP to make our learning environment a more equal and diverse place because I am going to dedicate myself and try my hardest to represent all different cultural backgrounds. Not only will I represent every student, but I will also work my hardest to make our learning environment a more fun and enjoyable college experience.

Not only will I be the voice for all students, but I promise to be there for all students when you need help in any situation. I will be a part of the SRC team, and set events to benefit all students in every program as much as possible. I will connect the students to the SRC, and help them solve any problems or concerns they may have. As I mentioned, I will be the voice for every student, whether the problem is major or minor.

As someone who is a member of a minority group, I understand the difficulties when it comes to cultural representation, equality and fairness. That’s why I will dedicate my role to treat everyone as equally and fairly as possible, no matter the cultural background, race, religion or sexual orientation. As someone who has worked with many diverse people in my lifetime, I learned that diversity is key to problem-solving. That’s why I will do my best to work with as many students as possible to get different ideas when it comes to problem-solving, events and activities. I will do my best to include everyone in some way, whether it as simple as being a student at St. Clair or having to speak a different language. As someone who is bilingual, I think that I can communicate to many students around campus and help them solve their problems.

I promise to help you out during hard times, and make your college experience memorable! My future plan of action is to make our learning community an enjoyable and fun place. This can be possible with your help!

Thank you.


The election for the SRC’s Presidency and Vice-Presidency of Student Affairs (South/Main campus) will be conducted, on-line, from Monday, February 20 to Friday, February 24, with results announced during the mid-afternoon of that last day. Students will be notified when electronic voting is underway.

Still available now from both SRC offices – and until Friday, March 3 – are applications for the appointed SRC Directorships.