Rocketing Up The Ranks

saints gaming

The Saints Gaming Rocket League team has gone 8-1 through their first nine games. In today's update to the North American Rankings, we were listed as the sixth ranked team. Here's how they have fared in their games so far:

Win over Lambton College 2-1

Win over North Carolina State Uni 2-0

Win over Florida Polytechnic University 2-0

Win over University of California - Santa Cruz 2-0

Win over University of California - Irvine 2-0

Win over University of Central Florida (Gold) 2-1

Win over University of Rochester 2-0

Loss to James Madison University 0-2

Win over University of Nebraska - Lincoln 2-1

Tune in ( Sunday, October 14 at 3 p.m. as they take on fourth ranked Arizona State University, fifth ranked Texas A&M University and seventh ranked Arizona State University.