Transfer Update Highlights Irish University Partnership


PHOTO ABOVE: You could be one of the people in the photo of this Irish university campus if you take advantage of a transfer agreement developed by St. Clair.

During its November 22nd meeting, the college’s Board of Governors was updated on the school’s efforts to create “academic pathways” for students and graduates – several of which, now, can lead to Ireland.

Those pathways provide students and grads with the opportunity to move on to other colleges and universities for further study, with St. Clair-earned credits recognized for advanced standing at those new schools.

They are developed via negotiated articulation agreements between this school and partnered institutions in Ontario, Canada, the United States and around the world.

The list of current articulation agreements that St. Clair has with other schools is here:

The annual update report tabled before the Board of Governors highlighted the college’s multi-program transfer agreement with the Institute of Technology Tralee (IT Tralee) in Ireland ( – which has now been absorbed into the Munster Technological University (MTU) network of campuses.

The report to the Board noted:

In conjunction with the former (long-standing) pathways in Business, Engineering Technologies, Health Sciences and Media, Art and Design, the following six new agreements were executed between St. Clair College and MTU Kerry Campus in 2021:

• Animation – 2D/3D: Graduates of Animation–2D/3D at St. Clair College are eligible to enter Year 4 of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design at MTU Kerry Campus.

• Child and Youth Care: St. Clair grads are eligible to enter Year 4 of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Care at MTU Kerry Campus.

• Civil Engineering Technology: St. Clair grads are eligible to enter Year 4 of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Civil Engineering at MTU Kerry Campus.

• Culinary Management: St. Clair grads are eligible to enter Year 3 of the Bachelor of Arts (Level 7) in Culinary Arts at MTU Kerry Campus.

• Early Childhood Education: St. Clair grads are eligible to enter Year 3 of the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and Care at MTU Kerry Campus.

• Fitness and Health Promotion: St. Clair grads are eligible for advanced entry to Year 3 of the Bachelor of Science in Coaching and Sports Performance at MTU Kerry Campus.

The report to the Board also outlined the college’s ongoing efforts to promote the availability of transfer opportunities to students and grads:

1. A billboard campaign will begin in December 2022.

2. A high school Guidance Counsellors Forum was held in Windsor on November 1, and another is scheduled for December 1 in Chatham, highlighting student pathway opportunities.

3. The Marketing and Recruitment team ensures that academic pathways’ messaging is included in all high school presentations.

4. Student pathway opportunities are discussed during all on-campus high school tours, which resumed (after the pandemic) in April 2022.

5. Social media posts highlight student pathways by program.

6. Digital advertising campaigns focus on student pathways.

7. Student pathways are included annually in the Admissions Handbook.

8. Student pathway opportunities are part of all fall and spring high school in-person school presentations throughout the catchment area and the province.

9. A webpage entitled “Credit Transfers and Pathway Agreements” is on the college’s website.

10. Display booth at the India Canada Association 75th Independence Day Event in August, 2022.