St. Clair Packs Away Its Golf Clubs

suspended program
You can put down that club, Griff. St. Clair is officially out of the golf business.

If you want to run a golf course, you’ll find to find your professional training somewhere else. St. Clair has officially scrapped its Golf Management program.

That was the one fully cancelled program cited in a report to the school’s Board of Governors during its February 28th meeting.

The details provided by President Patti France and Vice-President Academic Mike Silvaggi explained that:

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) maintains a record of all college programs that are active and eligible for funding through the (provincial) Operating Grant. As part of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to maintain current accurate information, the Colleges Unit reviews the list of suspended/cancelled and inactive programs on an annual basis.

As per the “Program Suspension and Cancellation Operating Procedure”, the Board of Governors is required to inform the ministry of a final decision to suspend or cancel a ministry-funded program of instruction at all campuses and all delivery modes, including part-time delivery.

A program that is in “suspended” status can be re-activated by a college, whereas a program in “cancelled” status is removed entirely from the college’s offerings and may never be activated again, unless a complete program submission is made to the Credentials Validation Service and the MCU.

(This year,) St. Clair’s administration would like to maintain ten programs in “suspended” status instead of cancelling. This will provide us the flexibility to (re-)launch a program should the need arise. Although these programs have not had enrolment over the past years, if there is interest and/or employment demand from industry and community in the future, the college will be ready to re-launch fairly quickly to meet market demand. Curriculum for all such programs will be reviewed and refreshed prior to re-launch to ensure we are meeting current industry standards.

The ten still suspended programs are: Entrepreneurship, Motive Power Fundamentals–Truck and Coach Repair Techniques, Wind Turbine Technician, Baking and Pastry Arts Management, Mechanical Technician–Mouldmaking, Mechanical Engineering Technology–Mechatronics, Energy Systems Design Technology, Wind Turbine Technician Studies, Registered Practical Nurse–Perioperative, and Advanced Care Paramedic.

Administration would like to cancel one program: Business Administration–Professional Golf Management, which has not had enrolment since 2014.

In addition, administration would like to keep one program “active”: Chemical Dependency Counselling, which is delivered part-time through our Continuing Education Department.

When first founded, Professional Golf Management was based at the Chatham Campus, with the hope that it would become a provincially – even nationally – attractive, “destination college” program for St. Clair. Even after a move to Windsor, and a liaison with Roseland Golf Course as a partnered training site, the program just never attracted the 20-plus students that had been projected at the outset of the curriculum’s offering.


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